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Margaret's playlist 6-9 AM 8/13/09 Chris show
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John E

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Margaret's playlist 6-9 AM 8/13/09 Chris show  Reply with quote  

Margaret's playlist 6-9 AM 8/13/09 Chris show

don't dream it's over(live) - crowded house
sun king - the beatles
the ballad of geraldine - donovan
jump - xtc
are we one or are we two - tim finn

i had too much to dream (last night) - the electric prunes
matilda mother - pink floyd
shape of things - yardbirds
bike ride to the moon - the dukes of stratosphear
hot smoke & sassafras - bubble puppy
white room - cream
why - byrds
mary, mary - the monkees

there are boys - tenpole tudor
pulpin' line - the mermen
inside out and upside down (with you) - the cramps
i wanna go out - tangiers
rockaway beach - the ramones
i'm gonna love you too - blondie
hippy hippy shake - the reducers

you're all i've got tonight - the cars
swamp - talking heads
through being cool - devo
the metro - berlin
cool for cats - squeeze
go buddy go - the stranglers
walk don't run - the ventures
shredded heat - dick dale
the rocking surfer - the beach boys

honey don't you want a man like me? - frank zappa

wild pony - green pajamas
four seasons in one day - crowded house
think for yourself - george harrison
making plans for nigel - xtc
one look up - the fixx
radio silence - thomas dolby
in the middle of the night - madness
picture book - the kinks
pump it up - elvis costello and the attractions

that's entertainment - the jam
ladyfriend - flamin' groovies
one of those days - adrian belew
country death song - violent femmes
golden years - david bowie
why don't we do it in the road? - the beatles
Post Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:16 am
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