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New Artist - Phil Ayoub........ FREE DOWNLOAD
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New Artist - Phil Ayoub........ FREE DOWNLOAD  Reply with quote  

There is a great new artist by the name of Phil Ayoub and his cd is called "Schoolbus Window Paper Heart". He is from the Boston area. You can download 3 songs for free from his site www.philayoub.com You can also download the song that has been getting a lot of airplay called “Carnival Days” at www.myspace.com/philayoub It is one of the best debut cds I've heard in a long time (and radio friendly). It is produced by Tim Bradshaw (who also plays on the cd). He is David Gray's guitar/keyboard player. The drummer is Ed Toth from Vertical Horizon. He has been getting regular play on several Boston stations (including wbcn-fm) and recently on wdha-fm in New Jersey (also Pa. & R.I). All sorts of exciting things are happening to his career. He is starting to gain a strong fan base. A post in a music chat site yielded over 1,000 hits. He is headed to California to play the Viper Room in March. I know him casually from that music chat site. This guy deserves to be heard. I think he is going places. Thanks for the listen.

Article on him in music industry publication Pollstar

Reviews of the cd can be found here:

Also a nice review here:

P.S. I have no financial interest in this artist
Post Tue Mar 07, 2006 2:52 pm
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