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WCNI-FM RADIO e-mail to the college campus
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WCNI-FM RADIO e-mail to the college campus  Reply with quote  

Today, the college learned that the Connecticut Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Charles “Chuckie” Butkiewicz, the former president of Connecticut College Broadcasting Association (CCBA) – which until recently operated the WCNI 90.9FM radio station. While Chuckie is no longer connected to the station, he was a long-time volunteer and mentored many CC students over the years. We are saddened by the allegations. CCBA was a corporation separate from and not under the direct control of the College, and it owned and operated the station for over 30 years. After the College learned of the Attorney General’s investigation, with which we fully cooperated, we explored options for making sure that the College would not be associated with such allegations in the future. As a result, the CC administration has restructured the station and created a new corporate ownership entity – Connecticut College Community Radio – that has a direct connection to the college and can provide WCNI with strong financial and operational oversight. Day-to-day operations will still be largely handled by a student broadcasting club, and community members will still be encouraged to participate as volunteers and deejays. We’re confident this new structure will ensure no future incidents like those that are alleged will ever occur again. We’re also confident that the new structure will allow WCNI to continue to be a valuable educational and community asset.
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Post Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:17 pm
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