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Buongiorno Amici!
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Kunst Kalduv

Joined: 24 Mar 2005
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Buongiorno Amici!  Reply with quote  

Holy smokes but I miss WCNI.

As much of a fan as I am of world music (and music in general) and experiencing new tastes from foreign places, these Italian pop artists don't hold a candle to the greats back home. If only I could transplant the Shins to Florence...! But I can't. Oh well.

Your beloved (I hope?) treasurer has been picking her way through the wonders of Europe and enjoying herself quite a bit, despite being deprived of the ambiance of our own Ground Zero Radio. The Festival of Italian Songs came and went, and passed along an interesting insight into Italy's popular artists. La Vibrazione was certainly the most amusing, all dressed in reflective polyester and bearing sideburns of epic proportions. The music was... okay... but their appearance made up for anything they lacked in talent. Velvet was also popular, and while a bit formulaic, it wasn't too bad. They smacked a bit of Chalk Farm, minus the acoustic guitars and adding electric instead. Not bad. Maybe I'd appreciate them more if I knew what the hell they were singing about. But "che sera sera".

Tell me the latest and greatest. I need NEWS! Who's hot on the playlists? What's your favorite, currently? I neeeeeed to be in the loop. Twisted Evil

Starved for 'CNI,

Post Thu Mar 24, 2005 4:33 am
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