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Corrigan Brothers - Theres No One Irish As Barack O'Bama
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Corrigan Brothers - Theres No One Irish As Barack O'Bama  Reply with quote  

First of all, here at WCNI, being a non-profit, during the 2008 Presedential election we did not 'endorse' any candidate. Its against the FCC.

We could encourage people to learn about the candidates and make their own decisions on who they wanted to vote...

But, in late 2008, there was a unique phenominom that happened. Many artists created their own Pro-Barack Obama songs (remember Obama Girl?). I don't think there was this much buzz about a candidate in a long time...

Anyway, one of my favorite songs that came out was "There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama". The song was about his 'international' roots and that his lineage could be traced to a village in Ireland. So, the Corrigan Brothers (aka Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys) put a song out on You Tube.

Now, just in time for the inauguration they have released an updated version of this track. It even sounds more 'Irish'....

Post Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:37 am
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