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Barkley Hendricks - Former WCNI Jazz DJ
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Cpt. Z

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Barkley Hendricks - Former WCNI Jazz DJ  Reply with quote  

Barkley Hendricks - R.I.P.


His handle was "Professor Dreads" when he was spinning the wheels of steel in the WCNI studio in the late 80's to mid 90s (IIRC). His Saturday afternoon show was called "Scenes In The City". He covered the waterfront with solid, mainstream jazz. 'Dat Blue Note sound.

Barkley taught in the Conn College Art Dept. (1972 - 2010). He was a big guy with a big smile and big dreadlocks. He was a campus institution. He loved jazz music. And being a Philly native, he really loved the myriad of jazzers who have come out of the City of Brotherly Love. But I think that his desert-island-jazz-artist pick would have to be Charles Mingus. Man, did he dig Mingus!

'Scenes In The City' was not just a random show title, it was a Mingus composition that spoke to Barkley. It is a spoken word (lyrics co-written by Langston Hughes) jazz piece that goes to the heart / tap root of the black American experience. It's an involving trip:

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