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Chip Miller - former WCNI jazz DJ
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Chip Miller - former WCNI jazz DJ  Reply with quote  

Those of you who listened to WCNI in the 80's and 90's will remember Chip Miller and his jazz show "Jazz And Cocktails". Chip was also a New London man about town, involved with the music scene (rock & jazz) and the cultural scene (e.g. - bartender at The Dutch Tavern).

Chip chased his passion for sailing into a modest boat building career. His love of the English language led him to a teaching position at Mitchell College. And that's where his life was when he passed away one year ago.


I loved Chip's jazz shows. He went from playing straight ahead jazz standards at the beginning of his time at 'CNI, to exploring the avant garde in his later years. But always, one was guaranteed to hear solid, progressive mainstream jazz that you could sink your teeth into. There's never been another jazz show at 'cni that went that deep and wide but still kept the focus from getting crazy or lame.

Recently, Richard Bruckner, who was a student a Conn College in the mid 80's and WCNI's former GM and all around creative good guy, unearthed a cassette tape that he had recorded in the old WCNI production studio. It's a tape of Chip singing and playing his guitar, doing a few jazz standards. It's a 17 minute time machine. If you are familiar with Chip's voice and vibe, it will sound as if Chip has never been gone. He was one of a kind:

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