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If anyone listens to Controlled Voltage on WCNI, you may be aware that I occasionally dip into the (more distant than you think) past of electronic music. Previous shows have included works by Edgar Varese, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Walter Carlos, Moog Pop, etc...

Of course you did enjoy the full experience of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells (used in the Exorcist) around Halloween. And, you did catch last weeks tracks by Jean-Jacques Perry / Gerhson Kingsley? The In Sound From Way Out!

This week I am going to re-visit Giorgio Moroder. Thanks to a tip from Lou's Shakeshop (Honest, it just fell out of the back of the Seeburg 500, really). I got a hold of 'Son Of My Father', an early track from 1971. Probably, one of the first pop songs to be predominately Moog that cracked the pop charts...
Of course I will feature the foundation tracks with Donna Summer that pretty much all of EDM is measured by...

Now, I am working on some future segments, and I need your help! First off , I want to do a show on Theremin music. I want to go beyond the 1950's Sci-Fi sound effects and would like to find concert music that was written for the instrument in the 1930's. Not just stuff transcribed later (ie violin pieces, etc). Also, I would like to do a little something on Casio-core. Various pieces using Casiotone keyboards. From Trio's 'Da Da Da' (remember the
Volkswagen commercial?) to some more modern stuff). While I am at it, Minus well put together a show on the Mellotron (easy!). I would like to put something together, a set inspired by video games (not too hard). And lastly, it would be cool to explore what I consider the future, circuit-bent sounds. Hacking existing electronic devices (Speak & Spells, Casiotones, Commodore 64, etc) to create some new and random sounds.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Post Sun Nov 14, 2004 11:05 pm
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